Here Tyler will post poems he has made when he was bored, trying to have fun, or just doing because he felt like it.  If you want to download the poems CLICK HERE

True Love

When your Girlfriend looks at you with the sparkle in her eyes that made you love her when you first saw her, it makes you just wanna hold her tighter than ever.  Your girlfriend smiles and it makes you just wanna smile back with a bigger one.  You girlfriend tells you to come here, to come closer.  Then she just kisses you for as long as you want, but then she asks if your cheating on her.  You look at her like What The Hell?  You tell her that she is the only one who you love and the only one that is going to be with him for ever.  She still doesn't believe you.  So you tell her if you were cheating on her that she would know since you and her are always together.  You tell her True Love Always Lasts, and we have True Love

Boardwalk Love

As you walk down the boardwalk looking all over, bumping into people, you look over to a game stand that just so happens have a girl that just makes you feel like you two are the only ones on the boardwalk.  You go over ask her if he could win her something.  She says yes.  You win her the big prize, she kisses you.  You ask her if she wants to go down to the beach with you.  She says yes.  You walk onto the jetty and you let the waves just engulf your feet.  You look at each other and you see that there is something wrong.  You ask her.  What is wrong?  She says, well I have a boyfriend and he isn't as nice as you.  He is like the opposite of you.  He never takes me down to the beach, he never wins me anything, he never even says that he loves me.  You tell her well I guess I am missing I love you part, so I Love You.  She smiles, then she hands you her phone number as she runs back home.  Later she calls you saying that she broke up with him.  You ask her out she says yes.  Everyone Has A Person That Is Not Good

Party Love

When I went to a party, I walked in not planning on it being the best day ever.  I start to dance, I see you walk into the party with your silky long blond hair with blue eyes and a nice all over tan.  I thought me and you were all alone until my friend tapped me on my shoulder and took me out of the daze.  "her name is Christine" he said pointing at you all the way across the dance floor.  "Go talk to her dude" He told me.  I walked up to you, so embarrassing, I trip over my shoe lace that seems to grab my foot at all the wrong times, I fell onto you and pushed you into the punch bowl, then the whole table flipped over.  Oh gosh that was so embarrassing.  You look at me with a what-the-heck-did-you-do face, but your eyes told a different story.  I went into a room all alone just to keep my face from being exposed with all the shame that I have caused.  You walk in the room without me noticing that the door opened.  You touch my shoulder, I turn around and i see your gorgeous blue eyes and I just keep looking into them, as if I was seeing your soul.  "It's okay, I would have done the same thing if i spilled punch all over the place and even if it went on another girl."  You told me as I stopped looking into your eyes to notice that you were still wearing your wet clothes, that turned from a nice glisining white to a bloody red.  You look at me in the eyes and tell me "You made me want to remember this day for all and eternity."  I started to blush a little and then you kissed me and I looked at the door as it opened.  "Party is over get out of the room love-birds."  We walk out knowing we were more than just love birds, WE WERE MENT TO BE TOGETHER.

Teasing Love

You ask me if I like you, I say yes.  You ask me if I want you, I say yes.  You ask me if I care about you, I say yes.  I ask you if you like me, you say yes.  I ask you if you want me, you say yes.  I ask you if you care about me, you say yes.  you ask me if I want to make out, I say yea sure.  I ask you, you say I can't I have a BF.  Right there I felt something just crack, It might have been a bone, but it sure felt like my heart has been broken into 2 pieces and left to fall forever without any help from you.  My heart was broken and will never be able to be fixed.  You made me into a heartless person, Thanks to you, now I can't love anymore, I can't dream anymore, I can't even think about a girl without feeling the pain again.  All Thanks To You

Want You

As class ends I text you, "I need to talk", and "Meet me in the hallway".  I see you walking down the hallway, not a scared face, but not a happy face either.  I grab your hand, pulling you closer.  I tell you that we should break up.  You look at me in a weird puzzled look.  I tell you that things are going bad in my house and my life and I just need to sit down and think alone without worrying about a girlfriend.  You start to get mad.  I tell you that I have loved you, still do love you, and will always love you.  You look at me happy, but with a puzzled smile.  You told me that we should go out when we both agree.  You and me walked away in different directions and I looked back to see you walk with that perfect figure and you turn back and smile that blinding white smile.