Colleen is a person who just laughs at anything that you say or do.  She will make you laugh at anytime at any moment.  She always acts like she isn't blond, but no one can ever hide how blond she really is.  She is a funny blond that everyone likes for some odd reason.  She died her hair blue it really looks cool, but now everyone is copying her.  Since she was the first one to have her whole head died blue she got a picture in the year book.  She will always be there when there is something funny going on to just make if even funnier

Colleen and me used to go out, I was the only few her brother didn't have a problem with he actually wanted us to go out.  When I asked her out it was the night we were at the holiday skating rink, and her brother thought we were already going out.  By the end of the night we were.  Maybe it was because of a little help from those space cakes, Just Kidding.  We went out for about a week, but we are still friends.  She is the closest friends that is a girl that I have for now ;-)