Cody is a laid back person who just does things just to do them.  Cody will make sure u don't get into trouble when your suppose to be good.  Cody always finds something funny to say out of no where like magic.  People might look at him funny, but soon they will look at him in a whole different light.  He always jokes about what is going on with you.  One time he was like " ooooooo Tyler You Got Yourself A Girl, Good Job Buddy"  And he likes to call me a Jew.  I don't know why but he does like to call me that, it does get annoying

Cody is more of a flirt than a real relationship kind of person.  He always gives us pointers or jokes around about how to do things we already know how to do.  He always likes to try to get you to put yourself out there for other people not just friends.  Cody always tries to get a girl to like him even though her knows he won't ask her out anytime soon.