Christian is the drawer of our group he will sit there and make drawings that look like real tattoos.  He might make fun of you but it's just to make you laugh at yourself.  He get's on people's nerves, but who doesn't, really?  He is the only one who I have seen that actually will make you do the work that is given to you or he will find someone to "persuade" you, for example if I missed a homework page he had someone who kept hitting me in my bad shoulder until I turned it in.  He is the friend you need to help you get the grades you want to get (B+)

Christian is the type of guy who doesn't really asks a girl out he more just flirts with them and hopes he doesn't get hurt by them or by thier boyfriends.  He is best friends with Joel.  Him and Joel kid around all the time. they sometimes act gay. but sometimes it seems like they are not joking around.  He is just weird sometimes.