Kayla is a good friend of Colleen.  Kayla is a person that does stupid things that you just can't help but laugh at while she does it.  She might even write words on you then when you wake up she acts all innocent, but she really did it.  While you turn around and laugh at what she wrote on your face she is there doing something else that will make you laugh even harder.

Kayla and me started going out with each other one day after Me and Colleen broke up , talk about beat.  We stayed up Fri night, the night i asked her out, until 3am and I didn't know what I even said that night.  we went out for about a week then we broke up.  We are kinda friends, but we don't see each other since she lives far far away in a magical palace, Just Kidding.  She does live far away, but not in a magical palace, sadly